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Show up on time. Children learn behavior from adults. Send a message that being on time every day shouldn’t be something that is unusual; it is expected.

Have all materials you will need for your lesson at the front of the room and ready before the students enter. If you give them too much time to get settled, they will take longer and longer each day.

Bring a book to life. If you are reading a story that involves rain, storms or other forms of weather, turn off the lights and play a recording of rain and wind in the background. If you want to carry it a step further, ask the kids to bring umbrellas and flashlights to school to really bring the scene to life. Using a fog machine also can add a great finishing touch!

Stop to pick up even the smallest piece of trash in your school. Work hard to keep it spotless and show your students, especially the ones who live in cluttered homes, the strength of spirit and feeling of success that can be born out of living and working in a clean and organized environment.

Use correct grammar and triple check emails and letters that you send home to parents. Show that each email you send is worthy of being read thoroughly

On the last day of school, have your students write individual letters to your next class of students. The “Dear New Fifth Grader” letters will offer words of advice and encouragement for the year and can be passed out on the first day of school.