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Limit chaos in the mornings. You want it to be drama free so that your child starts school with a calm spirit. Even if you aren’t a morning person, force yourself to get up early and start the day right.

Take the time to read everything that is sent home from school. When your child isn’t prepared, it causes him to feel stress.

Watch educational channels instead of more popular shows.

Develop relationships with other parents. You can then call with questions and form study groups.

Use the time in the car to discuss what your child is learning in class. The music is more fun, and you may have things to think about, but getting your child in the habit of sharing the knowledge he is learning in class will help him greatly in the long run
Never speak negatively about a teacher in front of your child. If he sees you don’t respect the teacher he will feel it’s okay for him to show disrespect in the classroom.

Make an effort to tie items you purchase for your child to his behavior at home. If the room isn’t clean, the chores aren’t done, and there are disrespectful moments, you shouldn’t feel the need to purchase anything special for your child.

Return forms to school in a timely fashion. This will not only help the school but also teach your child the value of being prompt and on time with assignments.